What is WeeElderCLAP?

In this intergenerational music class you, your child and the Elders will share a musical journey by participating with us during a class. Parents and children sit together in our usual early childhood music making circle and the elders sit around us and participate as they are able. Claire will encourage interaction between all ages in the room and design the class so that children, parents and seniors can participate together as a music making community. At the end of the class, time can be provided to get to know some of the residents at the centre.


What does this program offer?

This is a unique and rich music making community with participants age 1 months to 129 years! Since music is a universal language creating a variety of responses and expressions from all generations , WeeElderCLAP provides an atmosphere of positive socialization, stimulation, interaction and great memories.

Sessions may include moving, listening, singing, playing, learning and remembering.  These sessions are structured around a theme or topic which is always changing and evolving. We will also explore musical terms, rhythm patterns and phrasing and of course, create music.

What is expected of me and my child?

Parents will be expected to participate fully in the class and take a little time at the end of class to chat and socialize with the other parents and residents in the class. Your child will be expected to have fun and make some new friends!


WeeElderCLAP Spring 2018 Session


McCormick Home Long Term Care Facility
2202 Kains Road, London ON N6K 0A8

Class Dates: May 28 – June 18, 2018

Length: 4 Weeks

Cost: $65

Class time: 2:30 – 3:15pm.  1:1 Parent Child ratio.



Sisters Of St Joseph Of The Diocese Of London Ontario
485 Windermere Rd, London, ON N5X 2T1

Class Dates: Coming in October, 2018! Registration begins July, 2018

Length: 8 Weeks

Cost: $110

Class time: 3-3:45pm Maximum 15 registered children. It is an all ages family event. Each child attending must be registered except infants under 6 months.

Check out this video – it tells the story of a very special bond formed between Shirley and Lukas during our weekly WeeElderCLAP classes. They are the perfect example of why I love to share CLAP with everyone, Old….young…. and all levels of ability. I was so flattered when I was offered the most incredible opportunity to do a weekly music class with the Elders at Grand Wood Park retirement home and Grand Ave daycare. Our WeeElderCLAP program has been going strong ever since, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be adding McCormick Home and Sisters of St. Joseph to our intergenerational family.

Video Credit to the talented: Kajol Ratz, Joanna Joy and Melinda Theriault

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